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1.- FLIGHT PRESENTATION: Passengers must show up at the heliport or at the take off point at least 15 minutes before departure time.

2.- DOCUMENTATION TO BE PRESENTED: Before the flight, passengers must present the booking document and the ID, passport or an equivalent identification document in force.

3.- MINORS: must be always accompanied by an adult who will act as their responsible. Children under 2 years old will not be allowed to fly.

4.- PREGNANCY: For safety reasons, pregnant women may carry out the flight under their responsibility and with the duty to notify the company at the time of booking.

5.- WEIGHT LIMITATIONS: For operational reasons, there is a maximum weight per passenger of 120 kg or not to exceed maximum weight authorised for each helicopter.

6.- PASSENGER CONDUCT: If, in the judgment of the helicopter commander or any member of the crew, the conduct of a passenger could endanger the integrity of the persons or aircraft, access to the flight will be denied.

7.- BOARD: Smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, narcotics or eating is not allowed.


8.- BOOKING CHANGES: Once booking has been confirmed, no changes will be allowed, except for force majeure events, weather conditions or company’s decision. In this case, the company will offer an alternative date according to availability and scheduling.

9.- ACCEPTANCE OF THESE CONDITIONS: The passenger accepts the fulfilment of these general conditions upon reservation / payment.

10. CANCELLATION OF THE FLIGHT: In case of cancellation of the flight for reasons unrelated to the company, it will offer a change of date according to the programming possibilities of the company. The amount of the canceled flight will not be refunded.

1. Acceptance of the TERMS

This document establishes the general terms of use of the services provided through the website, hereinafter BGHELICOPTERS, preserving the company the right to modify and update them regularly, without obligation prior notification to its users.

BGHELICOPTERS is a website owned by Empresas Energéticas Reunidas SL NIF B63891881 and leased to Energética Barcelona Personal Quality Experience, Inc., hereafter the Company, with NIF B65536419, travel agency with license GCMD-000 339.

These terms and conditions do not exclude the possibility of determining the services provided through their website, their characteristics, are subject to their own specific conditions of use.

People who contract the services through BGHELICOPTERS, said they used over 18 years.

2. Objectives

The purpose of this is to regulate the conditions in the contracted services will be held, consisting of combined services, or provide helitaxi service, additional necessary for the provision of the first. Subject to it planned in the General Conditions, any transportation and other services will be made under:

  • The provisions contained in the book,
  • The rates applicable
  • The related regulations are part of this Agreement and as the case may be consulted via email, phone or the offices of the company,
  • The legislation that is applicable at all times.

3. Book

The reservation is valid only for the service indicated on the package or helitaxi also be necessary to correspond with the flight booked.

Requirements for the reservation: the reservation is confirmed by the service indicated the Company. Whether via email or SMS on your mobile.

Changes in reserves: changes in the reservation are not permitted once the reservation is confirmed. It will change the date of the service contract provided that the customer pays an amount corresponding to 50% of the total as a compensatory measure in order if the company with less than 7 days in advance on the day of departure. No changes can be made with respect to the points of departure or destination. You can make changes to the reservation relating to holders of service on the flight if authorized by the Company.

Cancellation of the reservation: the cancellation of the flight by the request will make no reimbursement or compensation from the Company.

Payment: The price of the reservation, as well as taxes, mugs, fees, and any amount relating to reserves, will have to be paid in full at time of booking. Failure to verify the payment will be deemed not to be held the contract and these conditions shall not apply.

4. Rates

General: The general price of the reservation applies only to the one described at the time of booking. The price of the reservation includes land transport services, except in cases in which the Company expressly directed. The price of the reservation will be set at all times the company.

Taxes and fees: The company will add the final cost of the booking fees and taxes established by the competent authority at any time, to be charged to the passenger’s account. These taxes are subject to change outside the company, which may occur after the completion of the booking.

Reimbursement once flight has been confirmed and passenger wants to cancel it:

  • More than a week notice in advance, 50% penalty.
  • Between one week and 48 hours notice in advance, one name or date change. Only once.
  • Between 48 hours and 0 hours notice in advance, 100% penalty, no possible changes at this point.

5. Limitations in the airspace.


Hay que mencionar que existen limitaciones a la hora de sobrevolar los núcleos habitados que tengan más de 50.000 habitantes. En estos casos el vuelo se limitar á hacer una circunvalación de la población escogida para respetar la normativa vigente.


Is always kept a strict observation of limits established in the airspace on a regular basis by the competent authority of that law or regulation to be declared.


Also hold a special attention to the restrictions in the airspace established exceptionally by the competent authority. In these cases, and having already completed a reservation there is a date search of consensus on both sides to conduct the flight / service.

6. Schedules, delays, diversions, replacement, cancellation of flights and passengers are not allowed on board

Hours: anytime after booking a flight, the Company may change the schedules and / or cancel, terminate, divert, postpone or delay any flight if, in the opinion of the commander, this is done with cause or for security reasons.

Delays: If the company plans to delay a flight departure time which affects more than two hours, the applicant may cancel the flight without any cost. Not contemplate any compensation for delays or snack.

Detours: if it was necessary to divert the flight, the company will propose new alternatives, without any additional cost and with consensus of both parties.

Replacement flight: if it considers it necessary, the Company is empowered to become replaced by other companies, using helicopters other than those initially planned to operate the flight without any additional cost to the customer.

Cancellation of flights: in any case, the Company is not obligated to pay any compensation to passengers or the applicant when the cancellation has been caused by adverse weather conditions, war, terrorism, act of God, altercation, demonstrations and any other matter of public policy, technical problems affecting the aircraft, errors in air traffic control, fires, floods, landslides, earthquakes, natural disasters, epidemics and other restrictions caused by a declaration of quarantine, acts derived from a competent authority, strikes and other labor problems of order, errors in the supply of suppliers or subcontractors, and any other extraordinary circumstance that could have been avoided even having taken reasonable measures, as well as any other cause force majeure. In addition, the Company will not be obligated to pay the compensation once informed of the cancellation of the flight at least 24 hours in advance with respect to the scheduled departure time.

7. Measures of compensation, reimbursement, alternative transportation and care

Measures of compensation: in cases as a result of adverse weather conditions, war, terrorism, act of God, altercation, demonstrations and any other matter of public policy, technical problems affecting the aircraft, traffic control errors air, fire, floods, landslides, earthquakes, natural disasters, epidemics and other restrictions caused by a declaration of quarantine, acts derived from a competent authority, strikes and other labor problems of order, errors in the supply of providers or subcontractor, any other extraordinary circumstance that could have been avoided even having taken reasonable measures or any cause beyond its control, passengers have the right to change the day or the return of the reservation.

8. Baggage

General The Company accepts no luggage except for the replacement of a square person in a case of not greater than the size of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. (Standard hand baggage). Hand baggage: Passengers can be carried with them in the cabin of the aircraft binoculars, a laptop (not exceeding 5 kg) or a camera to photograph / film. These conditions are subject to availability of space and the capabilities of the aircraft. Pets are not allowed to the Company unless expressly ability to transport such.

9. Company Law to refuse to carry passengers and transportation constraints

Company Law to refuse to carry passengers: the commander reserves the right to refuse at any time, the flight of a passenger holding a valid reservation, in the opinion of the Company:

  • Is it necessary or advisable for security reasons.
  • Is it necessary or advisable by reason of the conduct, status, age or mental or physical condition of the passenger.
  • Is it necessary or appropriate to prevent injury, discomfort or inconvenience to other passengers or crew.
  • Is it necessary or convenient for the passenger has disobeyed the rules of the Company.
  • the passenger has presented to the Company any document acquired illegally, it has been reported as lost or stolen, or that is false or contains any modifications or alterations not made by the Company. In these cases, the Company reserves the right to withhold documents.
  • The people present at the counter of the Company do not correspond to the holders of the reserve. Commander reserves the right to retain the reservation.

Transport restrictions. Do not allow the shipment to:

  • The Company will not accept as a passenger under 14 not accompanied by a passenger over 18 years (which is linked to family), which assumes full responsibility for the child. The companion must be included in the same reservation.
  • The Company will not accept passengers who suffer or may be suffering from serious infectious desease, such as severe respiratory infections, tuberculosis or pneumonia.
  • The Company will not accept if you want to make a customer exceeds the weight of 80 kg on average.

10. Conduct on board the aircraft

If in the opinion of the Company, the conduct of passengers on board the aircraft may endanger the aircraft or any person or property on board the same, or an obstacle for the crew to fulfill their duties, or threaten, abuse or insults any member of the crew behaves scandalous or other that could be considered offensive to other passengers, the company may take steps it deems necessary to prevent this behavior continues, including coercion moderate physical and landing of aircraft. If the Company decides to exercise reasonable in order to divert the aircraft to land passengers, the Company shall pay all costs resulting from this diversion. Unless prior permission of the Company is prohibited for security reasons, use on board an aircraft any electronic device or similar device that can transmit or receive signals so as not to interfere with navigation systems. The equipment and devices that are prohibited include, among others, and without limitation, radios and portable recorders, mobile phones, laptops, players audio tapes, compact discs, DVD’s, MP3’s, video games and transmitting devices (including toys remote control transmitters, receivers and laptops). Do not allow consumption of alcoholic beverages on board, and show obvious symptoms of intoxication prior to shipment. Smoking is not allowed to board the aircraft or the use of any narcotic substance.

11. Limitation of Liability

Liability in case of accident: the responsibility of the commander in case of accident shall be governed by it in accordance with Regulation EC 785/2004.


Contact us before booking if:

  • Babies and children under 2 years.
  • In pregnant women (unless they sign the document of discharge of liability). The passenger’s obligation to inform the Company at the time of booking.
  • For passengers with reduced accessibility, please contact us.

Shipping: Boarding begins 15 minutes before departure time. Will be denied boarding to passengers not present 10 minutes before departure. These passengers are not entitled to any refund or a change of route, must complete a new one. Denial of boarding for reasons unrelated to the passenger, the passenger can choose between: 1. reimbursement of the flight 2. date change The compensation will be paid in accordance with the passenger directly to your credit card or through other means, cash, travel vouchers, etc.. Validity of gift vouchers, coupons or reserves without date: 2 months from the date of issue or purchase, unless other stated explicitly in the document.


The passenger must stand 15 minutes before the scheduled flight to the starting point agreed that on the reservation. The passenger must provide the reserve with its corresponding number and purchase ID with photo.