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Abadal (Do Pla de Bages)

Abadal (Do Pla de Bages)

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Abadal arose with the desire to express the singularity of a land through its wines. Its commitment to a land as a path to differentiation and identity. Blending classic wine-making knowledge with an openness to New World concepts is key to the Abadal style.

Our family’s story is the story of wine growers. Our origins date back to the 12th century (1199), although there are traces of wine-growing activity in the Roman era. It tells of generations of wine-lovers, devoted exclusively to the task of wine growing, handed down to modern-day generations.

Our history illustrates our commitment and respect for the earth and its fruits, a labour to which we have devoted the utmost precision and the best resources.

At our vineyards and wineries, we relentlessly seek to clearly express the history and identity of the native soil through its fruits, its wines. Our vision is to extract the best from our vineyards and land.



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