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Cingles de Bertí – 160€/p.p.

Cingles de Bertí – 160€/p.p.

per person

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Enjoy a spectacular landscape flying over a natural area formed by calcareous materials, the layers of which have led to picturesque cliffs that are hundreds of metres high, with abundant plant life, streams, gorges and waterfalls forming a very irregular orography with closed-in valleys.


With a mosaic of dispersed farmhouses bearing witness to times gone by, the monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai, and the solitary chapels. You reach the Montseny Natural Park, a mountain massif that forms part of the prelittoral mountain range with its considerable wealth of landscapes, nature and history and peaks in excess of 1,700 metres in altitude.


The flight lasts for 30 minutes.

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January 2022
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La durada del vol és de 30 minuts.
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    Cingles de Bertí – 160€/p.p.
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