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History, culture, landscape and medieval villages in Empordà (I)

History, culture, landscape and medieval villages in Empordà (I)

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Learn from our historians and archaeologists first-hand about the most ancestral history of Catalonia.

Begin the route by visiting the most important Iberian settlement in Catalonia, discovering more about the daily lives of its settlers over 2000 years ago. Then visit the ruins of Empúries (Emporion), a Greek and later Roman settlement where the houses still preserve many different mosaics, paintings and decorations. Their layout can clearly be seen, as well as the sewerage system, a salting factory, the Forum and a Basilica, among many other constructions.

Find out more about one of the most beautiful areas of the Costa Brava, the gulf of Roses, which has formed part of the UNESCO-endorsed Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club since 2011. Have lunch at the Hostal Spa Empúries, a very pretty gourmet hotel where you can taste exceptional Mediterranean cuisine while enjoying views over the Mediterranean Sea. In the afternoon, take a stroll through the local medieval villages of a beauty that is second to none, such as Peratallada and Pals.



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