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Raimat (Costers del segre do)

Raimat (Costers del segre do)

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Modernism and tradition in a single space.

The more than one hundred years of history have left a legendary vineyard in their wake. Within the boundaries of the Raimat estate, you can discover the secrets its castle hides, listen to the echo of modernism in the winery or simply stroll among the vines and enjoy the peace that nature offers. A living piece of our history is waiting in every corner.

The inimitable geological and climate characteristics of the estate led Raimat to become, in 1986, the principal driving force behind the Costers del Segre Designation of Origin.  Nowadays, Raimat is one of the main wineries in sustainable and organic viticulture and, as a result, offers a wide range of the highest quality wines and cavas.

With effort and passion, dreams sometimes come true. The history of Raimat is an example of this. The dream of a family that decided to turn a barren desert into a sea of vineyards.



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