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René Barbie – Clos mogador (Priorat Doq)

René Barbie – Clos mogador (Priorat Doq)

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In an arid and magical place, French monks discovered “Eden’s Ladder”: Escala Dei (12th century). It was here that they made the Lord’s wine.

In this very same arid place, 800 years later, a French woman and a Catalan man found the place of their dreams: CLOS MOGADOR (1979). Isabelle and René: A two-step between the dancer and the sensitivity and determination of a poetic philosopher.

“I personally live with my vineyard and I need its presence. The right amount of nurturing, too much or too little sunlight, whether it feels OK, whether it smells wonderful, whether the leaves shine, whether the vine shoots are appreciative; at the end of the day the grape compensates all your worries to the full…”

Clos Mogador is one of the leading wineries producing the Priorat DOQ. Priorat is an area in Catalonia that not only inebriates you with its wines, but also with its countryside, its lights and its colours.



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